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Joy in the Journey

Life has a habit of getting to us. We oftentimes find ourselves repeating the same day, day after day, week after week. We forget to truly live and merely exist in the world that demands so much of us. And I found myself stuck in the routine, stagnant and nearly miserable from it. Then this morning, I saw this little graphic and what a reminder it was. There are a lot of destinations we seek, be it looking forward to the weekend, the summer, the next published book, that we forget the most rewarding part of getting there is not the arrival but rather the journey - those days where we find ourselves in the mundane, not really sure if we are progressing, regressing, digressing as we try to remain afloat. But within those moments there are joys, little ones that make life worthwhile and substantial. So, here I am, sharing these five little words that gave me a breath of rejuvenation. Here's to hoping we all find a the joys of our journey, whatever they might be but rest assured they are there.

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