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Complexity and simplicity come into a duality rather than dichotomy in our world, so please enjoy and get lost in the discovery of many infinite thoughts that come from the finite words bound upon the pages of my works. 

à votre santé 

Beyond Event Horizon


The ship Bethlem looms at the edge of the very last unexplored frontier. A group of Potemkixians prepare themselves to represent the apex of the universe through the conquering of this black monster. But a series of mysterious messages call for revolution on their planet Potemkix – the zenith of efficiency and cohesion – which stands upon the fringes of civil and political upheaval. The crew aboard Bethlem faces the same suppression, and as time continues on, one crewman, Potemkin, sees striking reflection between ship and planet. Even more, he is tugged between duty and self right, to remain or go beyond. As contention rises upon both ends, the revolution on Potemkix is thwarted by the execution on the rebellious messenger, but catalyzes action aboard the ship. At last, Potemkin discovers his identity through riot and loss within to contend with the mutiny on Bethlem. Will he become their leader and go beyond the event horizon, or lurk at the brink, either way himself. 

The Sage and The Watch


Hired by Mr. Smith – the ever-wise and vigilant local convenience store owner – The Kid unwittingly falls into an intricate ploy by his employer to not only clean up the West Side but also restore needed change to the entire city by ensuring victory to the Westie challenger, Taylor Fastbender, in a hotly contested mayoral race. Now an integral pawn in the shifting circumstances, The Kid becomes witness, victim, martyr, student, disciple, and inadvertent hero to the workings of Mr. Smith. But through the difficulties of murders and threats, losses and vulnerability, The Kid learns to understand and appreciate things otherwise deprived or forgotten in his life. At last, he heads toward his true ambitions, but not before learning the true cost of his lesson and growth, all due to a Sage (experience and knowledge) and a Watch (time).    

Monsters of Drogheda


Carefree and rebellious Ellie Thurston passes an idyllic Victorian life on the historic grounds of Drogheda of a long deviation of a far branched Verney with barely a connection and little funds. Her father left a fortune and charged her to ailing patriarch George Verney. Ellie agrees to marry the younger Verney son, Titus, for the sake of the joy of George's last days though she has already secretly committed to marry a wealthy young man entrusted with both her and the Verney finances, Dallington. Elder brother, Simonds Verney, by all accounts a monster for his uncompromising and domineering nature, returns to escort Titus to a new military position. Upon departure, Dallington discovers treachery afoot, chasing after Titus to warn him of danger, leaving Ellie alone and pregnant. Simonds returns, informing Ellie she lost both her false fiancé to death and true fiancé to the murder of the former. She endures his brutal indifference and slowly discovers herself through the difficulties, and the definition of monster is based upon perception and not reality. 




Ambra lives the life of a status climber and loyalist to the Andreachhi family in the settled world of the cosa nostras of 1930s Palermo. He begins to fall for a baker’s daughter, Edda, who is concerned over the disappearance of her brother Dario. Ambra protects her and the bakery from the Blackshirts but all the while keeping from her the secret that he executed Dario on the orders of the Andreacchi family. Jealousy and fate conspires against Ambra when he receives orders to destroy the bakery. His loyalties torn, he decides upon a single course of action that results in Edda to control his destiny.   


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