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Overwhelmed and Perspective

Life has a way of adding one little bit onto another until it becomes a burden.

On a Monday, I decided it was time to finally begin to create a website, an uncharted bit of territory that was a necessity. So, with a new URL to call my own, I delved in, tediously creating, adjusting, ensuring the coloring and links were just right. After an hour or so, I realized the page was not linked, and that another template had already been created for my site. In came a flood of pessimism. All I saw was nothing but the trials and tribulations of my day compounding, every possibility now became too much to handle. I was overwhelmed. I wanted no more.

Needing a break, I scoured through the daily news. Nothing, nothing but more negativity and aches. But then, in the middle of the mind-numbing articles, hid this gem. The Guardian featured a young Russian pianist, Alexey Romanov. He overcame debilitating obstacles and landed here, upon an international stage. A pianist with no fingers. A genius, a prodigy. Suddenly my one hour wasted upon a template seemed so irrelevant. So what that my first attempt failed. I still had everything I needed. Even more, everything appeared less daunting, and more toward what it should be.

I once again had hope and more I had the will to attempt it again. And that was it, another hour on the right template, and the website looked workable. A few more, and it began to resemble itself.

We all become stale and overwhelmed at times. We struggle. Yet when we drag, we must simply take a step back and remember, life is filled with drudgeries and tediousness, but life is also filled with hope and beauty. It is a matter of facing the challenge and seeing it from the right perspective. As a very successful man said (quite often rather) 'you either have to or get to do something.' And it is true and somehow so easy. We simply all must remember, when challenges arise, do we will ourselves by a 'have to' or 'get to'. In the case of Mr. Romanov, I think we all know the answer, and because of this refreshing perspective, he is an inspiration, an overwhelming one at that.

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