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Those Little Blue Flowers that Enraptured the Good Doctor: A Beyond Event Horizon Tidbit

Phineus Morely maintained his focus on the flowers, studying them not with a horticulturist’s care or an admirer’s love, but he stared at them as subject matter before shifting his view to the vast black hole: an imminent goal and fate facing him. Something settled within him, drawing out longing that Potemkin interpreted as homesickness. “There is a glen filled with blue flowers, these blue flowers, near my house,” the doctor began, squinting for recollecting clarity. “And everywhere I travel in the universe, nothing has captured me like that little place. It is insignificant, just a little glen, in a small spot of a planet, but to me, it is the whole world.”

(Chapter 8, 'Beyond Event Horizon')

There is a small glen outside my old place, and every Texas spring, bluebonnets sprout up seemingly overnight. These little flowers serve as the inspiration of the good doctor's homesickness. They tear at him as a subject of study upon the surface and a conscious reminder of substantial quality rooted far deeper than the bland conditions stalled aboard the ship. He is a man elevated to the apex of society yet lacking and wanting. These blooms feed a verdant but burgeoning acknowledgement of those simple significant things that rekindle the spirit of home and life - everything worthy and potent - which the Potemkix ideals demand he forgets.

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