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The Sage and The Watch
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Hired by Mr. Smith – the ever-wise and vigilant local convenience store owner – The Kid unwittingly falls into an intricate ploy by his employer to not only clean up the West Side but also restore needed change to the entire city by ensuring victory to the Westie challenger, Taylor Fastbender, in a hotly contested mayoral race. Now an integral pawn in the shifting circumstances, The Kid becomes witness, victim, martyr, student, disciple, and inadvertent hero to the workings of Mr. Smith. But through the difficulties of murders and threats, losses and vulnerability, The Kid learns to understand and appreciate things otherwise deprived or forgotten in his life. At last, he heads toward his true ambitions, but not before learning the true cost of his lesson and growth, all due to a Sage (experience and knowledge) and a Watch (time).  

Beyond Event Horizon


The debut novel by Ligeia Wang. 


An intuitive science fiction that digs deep into the fabric of humanity. Follow the crew of the Bethlem onto the outskirts of their known universe. Here upon the edge of a black hole, tensions grow as order melts into chaos. Men require ordinance, but they begin to learn there are more than just one set of rules to follow. On the brink, they must decipher their own right and wrong, decide on obedience or revolution. 

The Sage and The Watch Reader's Review:

Ligeia is an interesting writer. She does a fantastic job of weaving a tale clearly outlining the differences in social classes tied up in a neat bow of life lessons. I enjoyed her streetwise perspective and colorful characters.

Beyond Event Horizon Reader's Review:

I loved the weaving of sabotage, the limits of science, and the eternal issues of human interaction into a nail-biter that kept me guessing until the last paragraph

I simply couldn't out-think this one.

Beyond Event Horizon Reader's Review:

I wanted to tell you that your characters have taken full shape and body in my mind. I found it so fascinating that I found myself seeing them and imagining them as I read.


But truly, truly, and I mean truly, I'm really enjoying your novel. I do not necessarily dislike science fiction but it is not my first choice. You are making me reconsider reading science fiction. Bravo

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